Why Use Time Temperature Indicators

Why Use Smart Labels
only the best
Make sure your customers are consuming your products at their optimal quality as determined by their aggregate temperature histories
waste less
Save your customers money by ensuring they don’t discard products that are still good to consume..and it’s good for the environment
Interact with your customers in in a post-purchase two way dialogue as they use our smartphone app to determine the remaining shelf life

See them in Action

Visual indicators change color at a rate that is temperature dependant, closely matching the actual behavior of the products they are monitoring. The higher the temperature, the faster the color change. Labels can be calibrated to match shelf lives ranging from hours to years.

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Time Temperature Indicators (TTI)

  • Are low cost (suitable for unit level labelling)
  • Can be automatically activated and applied on high speed production lines
  • Can be read visually and digitally via smartphones
  • Can be calibrated to suit a wide range of shelf lives
  • Do not require special storage conditions
  • Are not affected by light or UV




Our labels can be printed in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs, giving you complete control to brand the label as needed.

Please contact us with your specifications for a custom quote.

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